Groundbreaking Ceremony!

Hello all!! Callie here!

I suppose an introduction would be nice. I, Callie, and my husband are the owners of CrossFit 11:24. I will be in charge of the day to day operations of the gym in addition to my role as a coach. Tyler will not be nearly as accessible as he is busy with his day job, however know that he is just as much an owner as I and can most likely answer any and all questions you may have as well! Stay tuned for a much more in depth post about who we are, what we’re about and why we’re so excited to be a part of the Marietta community. To kick off this quick post, I wanted to share a couple images and give a few “thanks” to everyone who made our groundbreaking ceremony so special. 

First, Tyler and I want to thank Mayor of Marietta, Mr. Tumlin, and our City Councilman, Mr. Walker for being a part of our special afternoon. These two guys (featured below) helped us do an official “shovel and toss” (did I just make up an official name for throwing some dirt around? yes…) on our CrossFit 11:24 site. Both Mayor Tumlin and Councilman Walker have shown avid support and excitement for our project. Mayor Tumlin also mentioned he was going to become a member so he could “get a flat belly,” which, of course we told him to come right in once we open our doors! 

We also want to thank the Marietta community for expressing such interest in CrossFit 11:24. We’ve received an outpour of support from many neighborhood members that can’t wait to be a part of the culture we will build. Tyler and I are very blessed to bringing such a passion of ours to the Marietta community and cannot wait to share our passion with anyone and everyone that seeks to be a part of it!

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